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Top five bathrooms trends to watch for this fall, according to Levesque!*

By Ursula Leonowicz

  1. The sleek, modern style that’s been trending for the last few years will continue to reign, albeit in a less high-gloss manner. Cabinets made from a variety of natural materials and exotic woods will continue to be popular and, more often than not, will be stained or painted in matte finishes.
  1. Expect more variety in the thickness of materials used for countertops, as well as more unexpected angles used to finish them. As technology is increasingly integrated into bathroom design and cabinetmaking, anything will become possible in terms of design.
  1. Larger, custom-made tiles will take the place of smaller, standard ones, thanks — once again — to new developments in technology. In addition to creating a high-end feel and the illusion of more space, large tiles are also more practical (especially in washrooms, where there is so much potential for water damage) and require less grouting. Depending on the size and weight of the tiles, it’s worth noting that installation may be a little trickier.
  1. White, black and shades of grey are the colours du jour this fall. Most people remain conservative when it comes to colour choice, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, as they worry anything more vibrant may date. In terms of fixtures and accessories, even though there has been a lot of talk about the popularity of gold and rose gold accents, the colour currently only makes up for around 10% of Richard & Levesque’s projects.
  1. With the size of most living spaces decreasing, storage is definitely becoming an issue for many home and condo owners, especially in the bathroom. Because of the popularity of suspended vanities, drawers will increasingly be used to store all of the necessities of daily life. Under-sink cabinets take up more space than drawers and tend to be filled with plumbing, making their storage capabilities less than ideal.



*This story was created by Content Works, Postmedia’s commercial content division, on behalf of HomeExpo.

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