Bonneville Homes is proud to present Alti, the latest addition to the popular Micro-LoftTM lineup, as well as Xénia, one of their most recent additions at the Montreal HomeExpo show, coming to the Olympic Stadium from February 7th to 10th, 2019.

200x133_page-attractionWith Alti, Things Are Looking Up!

Discover the Newest Home in the Bonneville Micro-LoftTM Series

With this latest home design, we are adding Altitude to our Micro-LoftTM series with a second-floor module that yields an extra 352 square feet, offering a second bedroom and a small light-flooded den. This cozy niche, tucked away overtop a suspended walkway, is perfect for any number of uses. Alti’s innovative layout adds depth and ambiance to the overall living space. The superimposed volumes linked by the walkway and open staircase foster an even greater appreciation of the surrounding landscape and natural light, no matter which level of the house you are in.

Like every home in the Micro-LoftTM series, Alti is all about making the most of every inch of space. The cathedral ceiling, floating stairs and suspended walkway deliver the ultimate in zen-like serenity, making this home a truly unique showpiece.

And that’s not all…!
Alti features 1,232 square feet of living space (16’/55’ x 16’/22’), with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a spacious kitchen and plenty of storage. A lunch counter–style table for five is incorporated into the kitchen island. The roomy entrance has a seating area and a large closet. And the covered front porch is an ideal place to stow away seasonal items. Alti: the Micro-LoftTM par excellence for a weekend family getaway in the great outdoors!

xénia_200x133WELCOME HOME!

XÉNIA : Where Hospitality Meets Comfort

With our everyday lives as hectic as they are, it is important to have a place where you can “chill” and recharge your batteries. Where you can enjoy special moments and make enduring memories with family and friends. Xénia, from the ancient Greek word for hospitality, was created specifically to serve as this oasis of tranquillity.

Inspired by our Axelle design, Xénia’s spacious interior is tailor-made to deliver a warm, welcoming ambiance. The double-pitched roof, 10-foot cathedral ceiling and exposed wood beams in the living area project an irresistible rustic chic charm – bathed in sunlight that pours in from the oversized windows.

A home to love for life
The design team at Bonneville always pays close attention to customer feedback. In response to the demand to create a “home for life,” they came up with a mix of styles that is both traditional and timeless, where today’s families can settle in for the long haul, and enjoy the reliability and durability of a well-built, well-appointed house.

Functional and attractive
In order for a home to be a haven, it has to suit its owners to a T. That is why nothing has been left to chance with Xénia when it comes to comfort. The enclosed rooms are separated from the common living area for maximum privacy. Parents will love the generous master suite, with its spacious bedroom, ensuite bath and walk-in closet. There are also two other bedrooms, a second bathroom and a laundry room in addition to the common living area that houses the kitchen, dining room and family room, for a grand total of 1,800 square feet.

For those who like to spend as much time as they can outside, the triple patio door leads directly to the backyard a cozy lounge-like area defined by the home’s architecture. And one last point of interest: at more than 350 square feet, the garage is sure to meet the needs of every family member.

VIP pre-opening media visit

On Thursday, February 7th, media representatives will be invited for a special sneak peek at the full-size model of the Xénia as well as the Alti, who is a part of the Micro-LoftTM Series. On hand will be the design team of Bonneville Homes.

About Bonneville Homes

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