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Confort Design

Discover the Model K by Confort Design

Confort Design micro-homes, a class apart!


A modern look, a plentiful fenestration and an outdooring corner makes the charm of the Model K. 

This micro-home offers the comfort of any traditional houses, in particular with a large bedroom, a complete bathroom and a laundry space.

Our micro-hoes are constructed inside, shielded from the weather elements, and are delivered completed at a 100% (interior and outside cover). It is also possible to get your home entirely furnished therefore live in it the same day!


About Confort Design


Confort Design is a maker of high-end factory-built housing. Building houses in a high-tech setting allows it to provide significantly better quality than houses built on construction sites. Thanks to an assembly process done with precise templates that comply with Novoclimat energy standards and in ideal temperature conditions, Confort Design has continued to grow over the past 10 years. With model houses in Mascouche, Granby, Val-d’Or and now Mirabel, Confort Design can meet market demands and help customers build homes that meet their lifestyle as well as their budgetary needs

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